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our mission

Beratics has set itself the task of eliminating repetitive work and making your workforce available for creative work. We use the most modern technologies and our innovations. This helps us achieve high quality results while automations are profitable as an investment.

Our story

Beratics began as an idea at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich). Our work on optimization algorithms paved the way for innovation.  


Human work has changed dramatically over the course of history. While 96% of the population were farmers at the beginning of the 19th century, today this value is between 3-10%. Although fewer people work in agriculture, much more is produced. This result was achieved by defining the tasks of the repetitive work and developing machines for that work. Although mankind has achieved a lot during this time, the basic parameters for automation have not changed. Today at Beratics we automate the most expensive of all forms of work: the intelligent solution of other problems based on existing data.

Beratics' innovation lies in the processing and generation of natural language. Our model finds similar texts in the database and gives the corresponding values in each column. Our model also finds cross-language similarities, ie you can search for a text in English and find a similar text in German.


We use our innovation in chatbots, when answering FAQs, when searching for paragraphs in long documents, to prevent plagiarism and for information management software.

Innovation for everyone

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