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Greater customer satisfaction through innovation

The customer relationship has always been the most important factor in banking. In the digital age, customers expect 24/7 availability and fast solutions. Working with Beratics delivers that.

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With faster devices and faster internet, the demand for better customer service has increased and has become the standard for most customers. Beratics powered chatbots or other automated communication channels will revolutionize your customer support system and make your platform the most powerful and convenient channel supported by an AI chatbot. Beratics also develops chatbots according to your requirements. 

The customer messages via email or contact forms can be answered automatically but in a personalized manner or are prepared by computer and sent to the customer with the approval of an agent. Your agents no longer have to write emails or personalized messages. The replies to each message are prepared beforehand and over time the database will be expanded with more inquiries and replies. 

We speak the languages of your customers for you so that your agents don't have to learn all the languages. Our technology speaks 10 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish)

With Beratics' technology, banks can now also revolutionize internal and external information management. If a bank employee is looking for content or a document in German, he can also find it in French in Geneva. This makes document management easier and more efficient. Duplicates become history, and repetitive creation of the same documents as well  offline and integrated OCR, all documents can be edited. Complicated and unsearchable FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) pages are no longer the standard. With our technology, your customers can get all information in any language 24/7, no matter how the customer formulates the question or starts the sentence, if an answer to the question exists in the database, then it will be displayed. We develop customer-specific solutions according to the requirements of your bank.

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