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Chatbot development

Beratics is a technology provider for several chatbot development companies. Chatbots have three main functions: answering FAQs, accessing the database for information or change entries, and handing the call over to a human agent. Answering FAQs is the most unique part of the three main functions. Beratics has its own technology for answering FAQs. Our models answer FAQs without training, work in several languages at the same time and you can add more FAQs without going through a complicated CMS. See here for chatbot solutions from Beratics

Text classification / document classification

Text classification is the task of assigning documents to categories. The text classification is either static or dynamic. This means that texts can either be categorized according to their content according to the user's search term or there are different categories and each text is assigned to a category that does not change. The Beratics team is an expert in text classification, even if your texts are not editable. Thanks to our pre-trained models, both static and dynamic text classification can be carried out in seconds using our technology.

Sentiment analysis and opinion research

Opinion research and sentiment analysis are powerful tools for understanding what others think of your organization, company, or you as a person. 

Data cleansing, analysis and modeling 

We are experts when it comes to cleaning up large amounts of data. Thanks to our NLP models, we automatically cleanse your data with quality checking mechanisms and make them ready for further analysis. The Beratics team knows all current models very well and will prove to you why a particular model is best for your needs and create it based on your data.

Topic modeling

Topic modeling is about the assignment of texts to a topic. With static topic modeling, the texts are assigned to given topics. Thanks to our pre-trained models, both static and dynamic topic modeling is a very simple task at Beratics.

We integrate into your ecosystem

We integrate all of our solutions into your ecosystem. Our applications are delivered with Docker containers. When you need codes in different platforms that need to work together, such as: B. C ++ and Python3, we are happy to provide you with your wrappers.

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