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The intelligent way
of communication

Use existing data to automate the written communication

Realize the potential in your data 

Eliminate repetitive work and automate your written communication about your data

We define intelligent communication as leaving the repetitive tasks to the robots. Millions of people answer the same questions every day. We at Beratics are working to relieve others of this repetitive work. Our technology enables us to equate a new incoming request with a previous request and generate a personalized response by generating natural language. Our pre-trained models work in several languages at the same time. This means that even if your data is in French, Italian or Spanish, our model will find a similar text in English and automatically generate a suitable answer in English, which can also be seamlessly translated into any language you want. Alternatively, you can provide us with your data in several languages. Our solution will help your company to free your employees from repetitive work, lower labor costs and shorten response times for your customers. We create company-specific solutions based on the same machine learning model. 

How can we use Beratics' technology with our data?

Beratics' technology finds the similar text in dataset and gives the appropriate answer. The appropriate answer is either included in the dataset or is generated by a computer. If your company has to answer similar messages, comments or other written texts every day, then you've come to the right place. We would be happy to tell you how to proceed.

What is the difference between the solution of Beratics and a chatbot?

Our solution is a technology and not a finished product like a chatbot. Our technology powers also many chatbots and is loved by developers. Because, it helps chatbot developers to reduce the training time significantly. Chatbots are an additional channel for website visitors to answer questions or to do something for the visitor. Chatbots are generally developed for customer inquiries and are in the front end. Chatbots have similar benefits to our solution, e.g. automation of communication, elimination of repetitive tasks, etc. Our solution can also be used in customer centers so that customer inquiries are automatically answered via email or other channels or as an aid to human agents. A new employee in the customer center usually needs about 3 months until he / she has completed the first training session. With our solution, this training time reduces and the customer agents has a software to their help 24/7.

Unsere Produkte

MultipleChat Logo


MultipleChat offers an interface for the users to interact with ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini at the same time. With one MultipleChat subscription you get access to the latest versions of the latest AI Models. Send the same prompt to three models, and continue your conversation with the best model.



Doetti is an AI-powered language tool that proofreads, paraphrases and translates in 28 languages!


Rechtschreibprü is a free version of, and offers similar services through third party AI models.

Unmatched speed. Impeccable reliability.

It takes our customers an average of 10 seconds to create an automatic and personalized reply to a message.


Our pre-trained models predict the correct answer with about 92% accuracy. This percentage depends on how large your data is. That is, the larger the database, the better the prediction. We invite you to contact us for a demo based on your data.

We pride ourselves on facts

Beratics is a spin-off from ETH Zurich

Beratics is a company supported by InnoSuise


Inquiries answered by Beratics


Countries all over the world

140K CHF


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